oI was born in Congo from Belgian mother and Italian father: this is probably why I’m so fascinated by cultural hybridization and by extreme situations.
I began to photograph at the age of twelve and since that moment I’ve never stopped experimenting new ways to produce and use images.

oI work as a commercial photographer, producing all sorts of photos for business communication: landscape, portrait, architecture, still life, surreal images. In my work I put all my passion and my expertise, offering every time an original narrative.

oI work hard for myself too: for fun, research, promotion. I exhibited and published in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Poland, Greece, USA, China, Nigeria, Slovakia, Sweden, Lithuania.

oFinally, I teach and use photography as a means to encourage thinking. I am a professor, surrounded by prestigious colleagues at the State University of Kwara State in Nigeria. I am also called to propose and develop cooperation projects based on the use of photography.

oI live in Verona with my wife, Loredana, and our two children, Giovanna and Carlos.


Visit my web-site www.marcoambrosi.it